Owl_Ask News #18
Finally a more compacted newsletter again. Hello everybody. The chaos week is over and now we're in a calm before the storm situation. Next week is going to be packed with appointments and work, but fear not my Patrons ! 

I've managed to build a little content buffer for the next weeks. Most of it will be old, never featured before art, random sketches and some wips of my current works. I hope that is ok. After holding my presentation on the 14th December, I'll be able to continue working on Heavenly Outing and other content.   

 What's up in Week of 27th November- 3rd December ?

Neronian Pleb - 1$ Tier 

  • Break Special - An old, never featured before Nero in da Domus comic

Young Globetrotter - 2$ Tier 

  • Ask Doodles

Local Gossiper - 5$ Tier 

  • The Making of - WIP (Flat colours)

Grumpy Senator - 10$ Tier 

  • A Comic Magic post