Owl_Ask News #8
Unfortunately the day has some where I am physically and mentally not able to provide weekly content anymore. 

As you might have noticed in the past couple of months, I have been having some trouble keeping up with the schedule and maintaining a passable quality of my art. It has become more of a mass producing, instead of creating content for fun and my lack of free time has really stressed me or pressured me out to make some kind of art. I am not happy with this kind situation and I believe that this is not the right way to do it. 

After figuring out that I cannot continue this way and now with my second part time job taking up even more of my precious free time, I have decided to stop having any form of schedule and post content when it's done on Patreon with my other sites getting them a week later. I think personally that this is a good solution for my situation and I hope you guys will understand.  

That being said, I would like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting me (financially or not) and morally encouraging me all this time to do what I love. If it were not for you guys, I would not have come so far <3 <3 I hope 

PS: Do not forget to leave your suggestions for the Monthly Raffle Request on either this post here or on Discord