Owl - Concept idea for my short animation
Hi people! It's my first post on patreon, I haven't got followers or patreons yet, so please follow my work if you like it or if you are curious! :)

I'm going to do a short animation with these Olw-Characters, both in stop motion and 3D animation! I want to explore the theme of "the fear of the unknown" and "the night". 

I have done an other short animation yet, working alone, with poor materials, during night and day, for a whole year. Now I have more experience and I'd like to have more funds to realize my short. I'd like to buy a rig armature for stop motion animation and I'd like to pay for the composition of the soundtrack.

I thank you everyone who will follow my work, it's very important to me! :)

Thank you all! :)

Valeria Degli Agostini | Mantina

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