Owner of SWAG77: Dr. Gina M.-S.

While most people invest in an online group that makes them feel comfortable with the owners of the group. 

For some individuals, they will never be comfortable with a Black woman from the United States who has a doctorate degree in molecular genetics owning a fan group in Star Wars. They will never be comfortable with several scientific published articles, one in aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. They will ask, why would anyone leave a lucrative scientific career and go into something like Star Wars fandom? 

Because... Star Wars is "fun" and I can write better science fiction than real science. 

And my boss called me the "N-word" in 2007. He threatened to call the police to arrest me saying that I had dangerous psychological outbursts. Then he asked me to career damage one of my gay colleagues and ostracize him. I refused. Due to his power in his position, I felt no one believed the misogynoirity done to me and the anti-gay cruelty I refused to commit. I left. He oppressed women scientists, no woman has ever succeeded in his University of Washington laboratory. He asked my gay colleague if he could take a pill and not be gay would he... He made the workplace volatile and therefore the University look very bad.

When my "universe" collapsed, so did I. To get out of it, I thought going back to my original childhood joy, Star Wars, would take me out of my utter suicidal depression. I had not been in the "Star Wars" fandom game for nearly 30 years because I worked for the Dark Side of real science and discovered BTS oppresses marginalized people.  Besides, I thought, writing fanfic would help with my writing overall. I was under duress and stress that caused me to lose my "writer's grip" grammatically while I wrote serious grant applications and scientific papers. The very nature of a scientist's career is devoted to writing and laboratory research science.

I've had fun in my Star Wars and I've enjoyed aspects of the fandom. But when I started, I discovered some Star Wars fans and some comics fans are just as racist and sexist as I experienced in hardcore science. Science on the real versus science on the fiction. Reasons were many. But science is run by men who act like boys and discover nothing fantastic and the women who want the power of these men and oppress marginalized people.

These incidences happened to me before #MeToo, #SWRepMatters and #BlackLivesMatter. I have reaped zero benefits from these sorely needed online campaigns and I have paid high prices defending my legal actions on Facebook, Twitter and several other social media outlets.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 was built by sheer brute force and the might of my will because I am a graduate of Spelman College. If I had not had that experience, I would have given up long ago.

I am hard to take down with my life experiences I have had in the 1980s and 1990s.  I do not allow foolishness on any SWAG77 product online. 

My interaction with Star Wars is influenced by my cultural history, because when I re-started my intense fandom, there were no women of color as lead characters on any Star Wars project. Now, they are. The current canon presence of these characters do not diminish my fanfic original characters, because the tenets of SWAG77 supports writing and fan art. We believe we can be fans of the official Disney Star Wars canon and our creations.

The main tenets of Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is to tell strong, accurate and authentic stories on social media by reading, writing and performing online.

I am a GenXer. I am a middle-aged woman who comes from the Black American experience. I built SWAG77 to tell a fan experience stories in Star Wars online.  There are many others who are members of SWAG77 that help me for their love of storytelling. That is who we are... That is why we are here on Patreon.