THE OXFORD EQUATION: Second draft character profile—Lawless
In second draft character profiles, I begin to explore a character's history, their experiences, and their motivations. I also think about their physical appearance. The writing becomes more creative here, beginning as near stream of consciousness, though I tidy it up as I set it down.

Commander Nairobi Lawless

She lost three crew members while battling Rogue Miners in the Silver Cascades, one of them was Ives, who she’d trusted and admired. The mission had been a disaster, and she blamed her superiors. They’d lied to her about the strength of the forces she’d be confronting and they’d failed to supply the promised backup. 

People always lied to her. Her own father had done so, for month after month denying he was in a relationship with the woman who’d defended the organisation Lawless held responsible for her mother’s death. Then he’d entered into a Declared Partnership with the bitch.

Now, more deceptions. Where had she been for the past twelve months? Why couldn’t she remember? Why wouldn’t the authorities tell her? Why had they publicly declared her dead?

Anger. It seethed inside her, growing, growing. Only willpower and discipline held it in check.

PHYSICALLY: Ebony black. Closely cropped black hair, high prominent cheekbones, slanted black eyes and wide full-lipped mouth. Her body is long-limbed and slender.

SECRET: She is in love but the memory of it is missing.

ARC: She will eventually rebel, strike out on her own, and seek to solve the mysteries independently.

From here, my thoughts about the character begin to intersect with the plot as it develops.