Over the weekend we had OzComicCon! It was very exciting. Brent  Spiner (Data from Star Trek) came and had a look at my stuff! He pointed at the Spock box and asked if he was the one fighting Darth Vader and destroying the Death Star. I didn't know what to say!

He smiled and seemed to be enjoying himself so I don't think he really wanted a response and that's okay. I only had laughter to give back at this stage.

Over the course of the con I picked up some commissions and a cold which turned into a sinus infection... Yay me! won't be starting anything this weekend until I recover. Thank you to those who came to say hi, thank you to those who bought stuff and a very special thank you to Natacha Tracy who bought some original artwork. You made my weekend!

Comission List:

1. Simon - Zelda Box

2. Marcel - Avatar Box

3. Alec - Custom Box

4. Alex - Smaller Companion Cube Dice

5. Alex - Mage Tower