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Ozra's Dance - Shardad Rohani شهرداد روحاني Jesse Donovan 4k UHD
4k UHD cover special feature! Can you find the hidden original melodies embedded in my arrangement? :) This is my arrangement of Shardad Rohani's piece, Ozra's Dance. I always loved the groove of this piece and am thinking of doing a full band groove version of it and a couple others of Shardad's in the not-so-distant future. What do you think? Leave a comment!

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Composition by: Shardad Rohani شهرداد روحاني

Piano arrangement and performance by: Jesse Donovan of Circles and Sounds.

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The Press Release (as published on many online news and music sites, published last Saturday) -

~~This Video's Credits~~

Music written by Shardad Rohani شهرداد روحاني

Arranged and performed by: Jesse Donovan

Hooping/flow arts: Kara Donovan

Technical credits:

Jesse Donovan:


Recording Engineer

Mixing Engineer

Mastering Engineer


2D Virtual Set Creation

4k UHD Cinematography

Technical Research and advancement

Software Management

All stock footages and images utilized in this video and its compositing were obtained through Pixabay, a wonderful online community of free public domain content. We are a part of this community in order to ensure that every image that we obtain is legally utilized.

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- Circles and Sounds, 2017

The music in this video is the original composition and Registered Copyright of Shardad Rohani شهرداد روحاني.

This recording is Jesse Donovan's performance of Shardad's music for fun and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for watching!


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