P17 - Next Film Project in Pre-Production
Hey Boterians! I'm in the script stage of my next short film, currently titled "P17". Which is my Project... for 2017. Creative, huh? Well I mean, Empty Jacket  was originally "P14", so it works, right?

Anyway. As I work through production on this I plan on keeping you guys apprised. You'll get occasional behind the scenes pictures, and $10 and up patrons may even get some video as it's all pieced together! This shot of the script as we first meet the team is public to drum up interest, but further shots will be limited to patrons-only.

I'm excited for this, as an extension of my skills past what I've done before. Can't wait!

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Boterian Acolyte
$1 or more per month 4 patrons
$1 a month is an incredible way to show your support, seriously. With this, you'll get access to the Patreon activity feed with everyone else who's supported me. Pretty much all of my videos are made public, because I don't like to hold anything back, but there may be the occasional additional content or recommendations.

Behind-the-scenes photos and stories from on-set and preproduction will be available for all Patrons as well. Current project: P17, a currently-untitled starfighter dogfight movie.

Additionally, each week, The Recap - public on Facebook - will have an unlisted Patreon-only link for all patrons as soon as I'm done editing it. This usually means a couple days ahead of time, but if I end up doing the episode VERY early... it means a sneak peek at an upcoming video!

Impatient Boterian
$5 or more per month 1 patron
Early access to videos! Now, most videos I upload nowadays are scheduled, which means I can't share them ahead of time, but ones that are up early and left unlisted are all yours! This also usually means that you'll get it with temporary titles like "BCS S3E1" and descriptions where I'm a self-proclaimed lazy-ass, and who doesn't like that?

In addition, you'll get access to any behind-the-scenes streams I create once the video it's associated with goes public.
Boterian Access
$10 or more per month 1 patron
Okay, so those $5 guys get early access to completed videos, but you know what's even earlier than that? Access to videos while they're being made. I'll rock a webcam during recording or editing sessions every now and then, and you'll get to tune in! If I'm editing you'll even get to distract me as I keep an eye on messages as well. Watch me work and keep me from working at the same time! It's foolproof!

Note: I typically will stream these on my public Twitch channel at the current time, but I will try to give advance warning that such a stream will be happening. As we get more people at this tier and people requesting exclusivity, I can try to stream to an unlisted YouTube page instead.

Boterian Producer
$30 or more per month 0 of 2 patrons
Is there a specific game you want me to play? Pledge $30 a month and I'll play it! If I enjoy the game I'll play it to completion, but if not I'll still put out 8-10 episodes (game length dependent) to make it worth the time. If you want I can give you a shout-out on the first video of the series and in all video descriptions in the series.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: I'll only be doing one patron-requested game at a time. As I near the end of that game I'll increase the availability so someone else can get a chance to request a game!
Rabid Boterian
$100 or more per month 0 patrons
Oh um jeez I don't even know. I'm sorta afraid of you, what do you WANT from me?! I hope it's not words because if you support me at $100 a month I'll be at a loss for them.

Seriously though, this is another tier that I can post private stuff for and I have no idea what I'd do. Let me know what you want and I'll see if I can make it happen!
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