The P800 and 3rd and available party options
Yes Folks, all of a sudden what seemed impossible to achieve has indeed been achieved. CONE colors ( ) just announced that they have a refillable solution for the P800.
They will reuse the old Cart body previously used for the PRO 3800 and 3880 and added a special Controller Chip which rides piggy back over your OEM original chips. Just like in the past. These have their PROS and CONS!
Apparent this route has been chosen to keep the printers ability to use certain built in utilities that was claimed would no longer be available if the printer detected some other than OEM chip code!
Whatever that is has not been made entirely clear.
Other choices are Pre Chipped 80ml up to 250ml autoreset type carts.
I will be testing them all! So before you lay down hard earned cash for one of these systems wait for my reports! Then make your choice!
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