Pacific Rim 2: rim harder
another year. another comic con. which is funny cause each year i keep saying im not going to go ,either to lack of ticket or money, and i keep ending up in it. must be a curse. also nice to see that were getting more pacific rim, not only a sequel, but there's also an animated series in the works. plus they also had a Oculous rift Jeager pilot experience booth, i didn't get to try it , but if it is half as cool as it sounds , i'm getting one. as if that wasn't enough. there's more giant monster action on the way with a Godzilla sequel, which will feature Rodan, Mothra and king Ghidorah. Hell yeah. and also a new King Kong movie called "Skull island". they better be working one a "Cloverfield" sequel before it misses the Kaiju fad train. the cosplay this year was dominated by 3 characters. Harley Quinn, Elsa and Deadpool. and while you can always count on deadpool the number of those this year was insane. you know that with deadpool theres fun to be had. check out this vid.