Pacific Rimmier
Man, I just can't get over how great this movie is. It's a movie that I still would have enjoyed seeing even if it had been dumb as hell, and the fact that it wasn't feels like a personal gift to me. I could not be more excited about the promise of a sequel and a cartoon if I tried. Curiously, over the weekend I got a chance to look at the action figures released for the movie. They were kind of disappointing, although not surprisingly so. They're aimed at adults who want awesome display pieces, made out of slightly softer plastic that holds ink washes and details nicely without being aimed at providing really nice toys to slam together. Me, I want my Cherno Alpha to have nice solid plastic and light-up sections and silly gimmicks, maybe even missing details from the movie model, because I want to play with these things. Ah, well. Enjoy the article!
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