Pack Mentality
So! My current project is a silly supernatural themed story tentatively entitled Pack Mentality, starring an autistic, nonbinary werewolf, a vampire turned in the eighties with all the slang to go with it, and your garden variety recovering goth.

“Uh, bro, vampire. I can hypnotize you with my eyes. Or something, anyway. You like dick, right?”
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Pledge $0.01 or more per creation
Patrons Only
Behind The Scenes
$1 or more per creation
Get a patron-only perspective on my work.
  • Inpsiration blog
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  • Plus all previous rewards
we need a new secret handshake
$3 or more per creation
Spoilers ahead! Pledgers in this tier get early access to select portions my work as it unfolds, before anyone else. Shiny!
what even are we? tier
$5 or more per creation
Pledgers in this tier can email me suggestions or ideas for what they would like to see, in my main or side projects, and they will apear like magic. All other previous rewards are of course included.
no romo tier
$10 or more per creation
Pledgers in this tier are my new best friends. In addition to all previous rewards, the pledger can request sketches be made of the character(s) of their choosing, related to my works or not!
very not heterosexual lifemates
$20 or more per creation
we are now bonded for life. that said, pledgers in this tier can not only get a say in the weekly drawings accompanying the stories, but can name an upcoming character~
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