Packing up and moving along!!
Right now, we're knee deep in bags of stuff for our trip to the east coast. Seabags are the way to go if you ever decide to travel aboard a boat! They hold a TON of stuff (Jeremiah swears he can fit a house in one after deploying in the Marine Corps so much and for so long) but they hold a lot and they fold away to nothing once you're onboard! You can also use them as laundry bags, etc...Sea bags...The only way to deploy! 

We're leaving California by aircraft on the 10th, provisioning and sorting out some engine issues aboard the Antares 44 on the 11th and 12th (You probably know Jeremiah is a engine genius and the Capt is having some issues), so he's planning on helping our friend, John with the issue before we depart on the 13th. 

We're so excited! Better yet, we're excited to bring you along with us!! We'll be documenting the entire process! Let's see what this catamaran thing is all about...