Packing up rewards & removing reward tiers
Thank you all for your support and patience! I am packing up a number of rewards today, and hope to have them ready to ship before I need to leave in just 3 hours. I will be in Oregon this weekend, so any rewards that don't ship today will have to wait until Monday.

I have learned that the custom reward tiers require too much of my time to leave room in my schedule for creating video content. This is primarily due to the fact that firing up the inkjet printer is a lengthy process.

Because of this, I am removing ALL TIERS from $35 to $60. I will fulfill this month's rewards, and can issue refunds for anyone who has been charged 2 or fewer months on one of these reward tiers (or I can credit you towards another reward tier).

One other reason I am removing these tiers is so that there is no confusion on the used market between a pedal built by VFE and one built by someone else using a VFE circuit board. I am starting to get questions concerning whether a pedal purchased 2nd-hand was built by VFE, and I don't want to muddy the waters further.

On another note, I finished several PCB layout sheets, and I am working now on completing a vastly expanded parts list for all the current effects (8-9 in total). I am focused today on getting any rewards I can shipped out, but this weekend I will focus on getting the parts list finished.

Thank you for your support!

Peter Rutter
VFE Pedals + IDEA School