Pacquiao vs McGregor in 2018 is next big fight !
Well we did not get any more big fights in 2017 but it looks like the seeds have been set by Pacquiao who called out McGregor to fight him in 2018.

I am not sure why Pacquiao calls out McGregor but no dates or information has been released at this point but this is where the Mayweather fight started to come together. Lets recap why this could be a good idea for both Pacquiao and McGregor.

McGregor lost to Mayweather and so did Pacquiao however there was a lot more discussion about the actual winner against Mayweather when Pacquiao fought him. Many people though Pacquiao had won the fight. While McGregor lasted 10 rounds and was called a TKO in the lose to Mayweather.

Boxing is on the decline people and fans are streaming for a big fight and here it is!

For McGregor he has not showed up back in a boxing ring since his lost so a fight with Pacquiao could save his reputation of being an actual boxer instead of a MMA fighter. McGregor showed a lot of potential in the Mayweather fight but his training showed as he tired in the later rounds. If McGregor had trained to go the full 12 rounds we could have seen a totally different outcome.

McGregor would get another big Pay Day out this match!

Why Pacquiao wants the fight is probably more to prove a point much like Mayweather the idea of a MMA fighter stepping into the ring and beating a seasoned boxer is unheard of. Money could be a factor as well as I am sure this fight would generate about the same interest as the Mayweather fight did.


PACQUIAO        -225

McGregor          +185


OVER              +300

UNDER            -175