Paetron Reward Tiers
The purpose of this post will be to help brainstorm and finalize the varying reward tiers for my various Paetrons. Support will be pledged on a monthly basis as the amount of content I produce does vary based on what is being released in Puzzle and Dragons.

Unless otherwise stated, higher tier rewards will also grant the benefits from all the previous rewards.

Silver - $2

- A shoutout in my monthly Paetron update post (may do on regular website, but need to sort out the logisitcs first).

Gold - $5

- Spot on one account's friend's list. Regular friends are deleted after ~7 days of inactivity. 

6-star - $10

- Detailed review of your monster box which will provide advice and suggestions on your current teams as well as what to work towards in the future. Resets on a monthly basis.

Back-to-back Dark Kali rolls - $25

- Will help you clear one dungeon of your choice (maximum 50 stamina cost). Must be prepared to make adjustments to your team if required. Dungeon also has to be reasonably doable for your account and team. Must have access to voice communication. Refreshes every month.

5 Shiva Dragons - $50

- You can choose the topic of one website article. I will inform you if I already plan to write on that topic and you can simply choose something new. This could be a detailed step-by-step clear for a particular dungeon with a certain team, a full monster review, or anything you can think of. Refreshes every month.