Page 11 of Specter X #1
Here's a big update. After Jason left Specter X earlier this year, Sterling decided to take on the reins and pencil this comic. That's right, the LWR team is working on Specter X. Sterling has penciled page 11 and will back track to pages 7-10 at a later date. Those pages hint at Specter X's origin and that will be a surprise until it is revealed. Along the way, I met a talented young artist named David Rosales, who loved the concerted and was made inker of Specter. Here we have an establishing shot of Rick's home in the Richmond district. We have his legal guardian, Theresa, waking him for another school day. Sterling added some details to what kind of things Rick is interested in. He starts his day with a shower. And then he heads off to school, but not before giving Theresa a hug goodbye.

Hope you take look at the details around Theresa's home, it does say a few things about both her Indian and Japanese heritage. You can also see a photo of Rick's parents. I also like how Sterling managed to draw "Welcome" in Hindu on Theresa's mat.

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