Sofia lost the last two panels, so they'll have to be redrawn. Stand by for the TRILLING CONCLUSION of page 22.

I want to also apologize for being a bit disconnected lately. I'm trying to move to a new apartment (which, being $600/mo cheaper, frees up a lot of cash that can go into Saffron and LotH), but the replacement for my current room flaked at the last minute, so I've been scrambling to not have to rent TWO apartments this month, which has taken up a lot of my brainspace. 

Hopefully things will clear up in a week or so.  A month at worst.  And then you'll get to see some of the stuff I've been spending the money I was supposed to be saving from the move on before everything went to hell (spoiler alert: It's a fancy website for Saffron, LotH, and to all be in the same place. It's super cool, and will launch sometime next month)

Thank you for you patience.