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It seems Dizzee is developing quite the taste for Impro. While these additional parts have a proven track record for increasing employee performance, they're not cheap. 

The Free Market is home to some of the most capable elective surgeons in the world. However, there are limits as to what a body can take, even young and healthy ones.

For those wondering about the general state of healthcare in the Free Market, it's a mixed bag. There is no such thing as free healthcare, even in the case of emergency, life saving procedures. While there are certainly physicians willing to work with poorer clients who have no insurance, many of them rely on predatory financing schemes that use ridiculous interest rates or missed payments fees. This, combined with an unhealthy lifestyle (high pollution rates, long work hours, lack of regulatory standards in foods and drugs) leads to the average Free Marketeer dying in their late 60s. However, wealthy Free Marketeers can live for a very long time, longer than the average of most other nations. When they do die, it's usually related to conditions caused in part by high stress levels, like hyper-tension.

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