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Page 269
Hello Fair Investors!

We felt that this was another page that would best be suited for 'no dialogue, all movement'. After all, it's important that Betsy-Ray gets ready, there's a lot of details that need to be covered. However, it's not so important that we need to make more than one page to cover it.

As you can see, Marion doesn't really care for the idea of everyone knowing about Betsy-Ray's legal status, or the state of her treatment. A few little things can go a long way to covering that up.

Speaking of covering, you'll notice that they actually have makeup that matches Betsy-Ray's complexion, which seems unusual for Dhuvalia. This is because, among the upper class, most cosmetics are mixed by hand to match the individual using them. This allows for a more 'natural' look among its users, though it's obviously more work than picking shades from a store.

Thanks for your support, you're all the best!

- Luther out