The next page of the new prequel on is up! Sorry for the meh image quality on this excerpt - it's a phone screenshot. I'm still ironing out the post scheduling process particularly when I will be away from my desktop for days on end. I had an hour-long window to upload my content and that wasn't quite enough. To maximize the internet I've taken to writing out every intended post before even opening the browser. The web is a rabbit hole down which I tumble into a wealth of fascination with a broad range of relevancy.   

For some time I've been warming up to expository digressions as a means to connect with readers. Public vulnerability has always been a challenge which is why I admire artists like Marina Abramovic and David Sedaris. Honesty is the best way to bring about catharsis, a goal however lofty or basic. In that spirit I'd like to take a moment to declare my affinity for the substance known as water. It collects so impressively into a singularity known as "ocean" and is both cruel and our first nursery... In the primordial respect ocean is the nest we have emptied and don't call or visit nearly enough. We plunder it without that intimate understanding that might preserve it. I would like to contribute to an activated improvement in our relationship with this elemental accumulation. This new comic page references this aspiration.