Page 3 In Progress: Lines
Oof, it’s been a while! I must admit, my trip abroad threw me off my comic’ing groove for a bit—but never fear, I’m back at it now!

I’ve been working on (what I’m calling) page 3, which immediately follows the first finished page I posted here, for the past week and a half. Things are going pretty smoothly, if still a bit slowly. I already feel like I’m better at drawing the dwarves in particular :)

You can see my first, extremely rough pencil sketches in the bottom row, which I used primarily to get a sense for the panels’ poses and layouts. Then I started a digital sketch layer, here in red and blue, and from there began working the final lines! I’ve been attacking this page panel by panel, for the most part, which seems to be working well.

I’m choosing not to crop any of the lines until I have all the panels drawn and the speech bubbles laid out, in the hopes they’ll fit together better that way. Plus, I won’t have to worry about re-drawing anything I accidentally erased!