Page 40 of IronGate: Whiteout
Hello frosty fans, page 40 is coming in hot, better duck! Little hard to believe we've done forty pages in our Whiteout arc, had no idea it'd be as large as that. William thinks it'll be another fifteen pages before we find the end, at least that's what he's aiming for, he may make it another twenty to make Whiteout an even sixty pages, we'll have to wait and see!

He finished next week's update earlier today and it's been sent off to our lovely Christiane!

Time to come clean frosty fans, William was diagnosed last year with cancer and will be going in for surgery soon. As such, IronGate will be going on hiatus from March 2nd to April 4th, we will update each week with fan art like we've done sporadically over the last few weeks when William wasn't able to sit down at his desk, and when all of this behind us all, IronGate will be back on track, we promise.

We'll see you again tomorrow over on IronGate Extras or later tonight if you've pledged for Early Access here on Patreon!