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I'm sorry for not updating last week! I worked 4 days in a row and my wrist problems flared up really bad but at last, a page is here! I'm trying my best to get in another two updates this week, but i cant make any promises yet!
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$25 an update is crazy! I will probably cry if you pledge this much. (Ok, I'll definitely cry.) In addition to all the previous rewards, for as long as you pledge for each new chapter of the comic you'll be able to request a cameo appearance of any character you like. Your OC? Your friends OC? Your favorite videogame character? Your favorite actor? You? I'm in. I might tinker a little bit with their costume and design so they fit the scene (and I don't get sued) but anything you can think of is game as long as I can make it fit into the comic! You'll also receive a special shout-out when they appear, and a huge, huge thank you!
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