Page 7 - No Man's Sky
Hi hi hi! The angles might be a little weak in this picture, but I'm just going to move past that and continue learning from it. Every time I make one of these panels, I'm trying new techniques and ideas and it's going to have some rough patches, of course. 

I'm not even remotely professionally experienced and I'm also self taught, and so my work will likely continue to have that touch of amateurishness. You know? Something I think about a lot though is that if I was already super talented and everything  I did was exactly how I want it to turn out, then that means I have nothing left to learn. I don't want that. I would get bored. What I'm doing now is challenging and unfamiliar. 

So, I've been playing this little game called No Man's Sky...

I never thought I would ever see the day where I can write that and mean it. Even though I've had it in my hands for the past few days, I still can't believe it. Every time I jump in my starship and set off into the stars to see what I might find... it's just a crazy addictive experience. It's something I've really wanted to play ever since I was a kid. 

I've been taking a whole lot of screenshots and sharing them with the world. Check me out on Twitter (@Zemus101) because I've been making little animated shorts when I do or find something interesting in the game. 

I'm also finding a tonne of inspiration in the game in the form of planets, outer space scenes, starships, and aliens. In fact, the creature I drew above was inspired by one of the main alien species in the game; The Gek. Although looking at him now he's clearly his own thing, but a bit of the face and arms are similar.