Page 87

I'm sharing this public entry to all of you, English speakers friends who are watching this Patreon page.

This is how the comic is going so far (2015 October 29). I'm updating the webcomic almost every week and, as you can see, there are a few pages that can only be seen here and not yet on the public website and webcomics platforms.

This page is part of chapter #3. I found it necessary to make a little break between scenes, to remember that there's an evil threat after the children, and this is the first page of this break. They haven't shown themselves in the story except once, in the prologue, but they're there, seeking, tireless.

This is not the most pretty page of all the comic but it makes a lot of meaning. Though this is a comic about five children, it's not a fairy tail. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm not going too far with some aspects of the story, but it's inevitable.

Did you know that Kyriade began as a comic about 5 teenage heroes? Years ago I made pages and pages about it, and I decided to tell the story of their childhood, of how they became what they are in the future.

I hope you'll be there to see it coming true :D

Thanks for being there.