Page changes and DevBlog (Last Pre Alpha)
 German Post:

This is our last Pre Alpha Patreon Post! SOC1 - Stories of Cloudpost 1 will go into the first Alpha Version!

Stay tuned for a soon upcoming Post here on Patreon about our Alpha Launch!

Apart from this we will announce now some important changes. Please read carefully. 

We will change the Patreon Payment from monthly to per Creation. That means we only “charge” you for a Creation we are releasing. Based on our current InDev game, a Creation is a new Chapter. We want to see if new people find that system more appealing and would start to pledge. Instead of payout a monthly few for “just some Update on a game “I can’t play”.

We will also change the Patreon page a little to make it easier for new people to see the most important things and make it possible for you to follow our doings without being a Patron!
We will change it to an Development Blog. That’s why all old and new Game Updates will be posted as public posts. Only special Blogs and Vlogs will be posted as Patreons only Posts in the future. 

Also did we thin out the Rewards and made some “cheaper”, 

Become a Patron” becomes to Patreon Only Posts also a occuring in the game credits. 

Discord User Group” stays like it is, you become the Discrod Group Patreon with which you are able to see and join the Patreon Chat and Talk room on our Server. You may see Loivado from time to time while he is working on the project in this room, there you can communicate questions direclty.

When you pledge us enoug for “Exlusive Early Access” you will get Access to all upcoming InDevBuilds and you will become a Game Key of the full version when we release on some Retail Platform (e.g. Steam, GOG, others). 

Nothing changed with the Reward “Free Copy of Stream Manager”, you still get a key of the Software for reaching that reward.  

The now highest Reward “Become a Key Character” did only change a little in it’s wording. We want to create a Key character of our game. You can choose with us behavior, name, characteristics and background story of it and become an part of the game and it’s making process. 

If you have any feedback about our changes or any other things, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or reach us in another way. We want to have your feedback! :)


For the last pre Alpha there were still some graphics missing, so we made them!

Another Intro Scene got colorized, it’s not final yet but way better then just a Scribble.

We also made an Windows Icon for our runable program. (The one which would be displayed on your Desktop if you get the game.)
A while ago we played around with some cursor graphics, now we made them a little more polished and even with an click animation. You will see a cursor for each action: Take, Investigate and Use.

The picture in this post is of our current program (.exe) Icon, it may change later. We are not sure yet. ^^


As we posted in an older Update we had an issue how our game window itself got handled by Windows. We fixed that now and have no more ugly window frame. We can even create our own frame in a future version!

We implemented a prototype version of the characters inventory. Yet it’s clunky and we already have some ideas to make a better version but for now it will stay like it is. 

In general we are still implementing the last bits, changing behaviors and are already playtesting some parts of the first chapter.
We also added our Credits page where all current Patrons will be listed. :)