I pray a cleansing on this page in the name of the Divine. I pray to raise the vibration of this page and the content on it, that it may ripple out and draw people back to it. I pray that the stories and content here, blesses, inspires, and creates something special. Creates a something new that lives on touching lives for decades to come.

I ask, and receive, for thousands to join us here. I pray those who do, feel the breath of spirit, feel loved.

I dedicate my life, and my work, to that which I recognize as God.

I will work with integrity and passion, and I will lay that work here. May it be well received, and well loved. May this page, and this work, bless all of us involved in the creation with abundance, financial security, and love returned tenfold. Aho and Amen. So it is.

Thank you for visiting this page, if you aren't able to sign up, any good energy and love left is much appreciated. - Samantha