Pages 2 and 3 inks in progress!
Captain Skywolf eliminates the enemy position and lights (another) cigarette to celebrate only to discover that he's flying into a giant, mysterious storm that literally dwarfs his helicopter!

Page 2 has been quite an ordeal, with numerous layers of foreground and background details. I refined the bottom two panels for this version of the page, but there's still a good bit of finishing work (like the bad guys' arms) and background shading and greyscale. 

Page 3 is going to be heavy with the depiction of the massive polar vortex sucking Hunter Skywolf into the eye of the storm. Will he survive!? (yes) But how? (he's awesome). I used a really heavy brush to slam down the spiral vortex, it's going to be pretty heavy and really menacing when complete.

Patreon backers will get downloadable HD versions of these two pages in a separate post right after this one, download and save to compare to the finished versions!


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