Feelings are tough little things that we have, Some make us happy, some make us mad. Some make us tear up from joy and not grief And some bring frustrations and some, false beliefs. But when a tough feeling is shared between two, It can feel like sometimes there's not much you can do. Life feels lonely, your heart feels sad, That you might have said something wrong Or done something bad. The tension, it builds to an intersection of feeling, Where you're forced to look for love's actual meaning. Meaning that takes all things into account, That decides what the tension is really about. But no matter the meaning, there's one thing that's sure, Tension can cause sickness for which love is the cure. But the beauty in tension, is that once it's all gone, You're better than ever, like it never begun Work through the tension, stay honest and true. And treat those you love like you want them to treat you. Because those who you love are those who you got, And to love someone back means more than a lot. So hold those who you value, right close to your heart, Tell them you love them right from the start. Disagreement and tension are part of the book, But love is the end... You just have to look.