Pages will be on time.
I only have a few more days of Ramadan, and then I can be back to my normal schedule. Last year it didn't hit me so hard. This is my usual routine as of late : wake up 10:30 am, work, 4:00 pm to 6:00pm sleep , then do chores, play with the kids, clean etc, 9:00pm break fast, 10:30pm go to the mosque, 12:00am come home work till 3:00am and then finish breakfast by 3:45am, then shower , and then sleep at 4:30 ish. 

I've gotten quite used to it, but you still feel the drain. I can totally understand people be unhappy and listless when they are starving and I'm not even starving.

Needless to say I really rely on coffee and chocolate to come up with energy at times and mis my daily walks. It's been hot and humid here and heat will wipe you out totally hahah.

Definitely not complaining, but that is the reason for my lack of posts, still the pages are almost done! Please have patience I will be back soon!