Pages will be uploaded to Discord~
I've so far had 2 people pledge to tier 2 and then immediately cancel after reading the next few pages, so I'm going to be uploading advanced pages to discord instead.

If your are in Tier 2+, please make sure you join and be sure to let me know so I give you the proper role.

I'll still be uploading 1 page in advanced here for tier 1, because if someone steals that, it's not too big of a loss. But I want the 4+ pages to be a bit more protected. 

If you do not have a discord, I can alternatively email you the pages, but Discord will be a lot easier.

I'd really rather just keep uploading them here, but Patreon doesn't have any protections against this, and it isn't fair for the people who are actually pledging.

Thanks, and sorry I've got to change it :c I don't know how else to prevent it.