Hey everyone! So yeah, we have a patron server now! I've affectionately named it "Pahtron" for now and we'll see if the name lasts (some people apparently don't enjoy my Dad jokes, hrmph!) We'll be processing the whitelist for it as requests to get on it come in, and I'll pass out the link for the mods/configs to get on the server. For now the server IS modded, and is running Minecraft 1.7.2. We'll have a few ops to help me keep folks in line, as any griefing/stealing/general making life not fun on the server won't be tolerated and you would be removed if you were doing those things. As well, we have an IRC channel for us to chat in with the people on the server (thanks ForgeIRC!). You will get the details for that as well in your monthly messages from me. Anyways, any questions about Pahtron let me know here or on Twitter. Much love! Pah