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PAID POST - Priestess of the Keeper
I held this image back with the intention of uploading it after Lady of November, but since the Lady was already posted as a paid post last month, I've decided to go ahead and post her.  The finished version of Lady of November will be posted as a free post once she's ready.  One does not rush this Lady, apparently!  

I'll be posting the Rewards pack for the Priestess and Lady of November as soon as they're available, so stay tuned for double the Reward goodies in December!

The Priestess here was created for the Month of Fear's inspiration prompt - Secrets.  Like the goddess that she serves, the priestess accepts the secrets of the fearful, keeping that secret safe and relieving the teller of their burden of guilt.   

They cannot talk, though some say it is because they have no tongues.  Speculation abounds that their tongues are removed upon initiation into their order.  Others say they are born without them at all.  As ever, such things remain a secret! Watch a video showing off the gold in this piece here.

I've really fallen in love with this concept.  I have a feeling it will show up again in my art and/or writing in the future at some point!

Stay tuned for a sketch diary PDF, wallpapers, and more for this image and Lady of November (once she's finished) in your Patrons-only posts!


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Till next time!  Thanks for your support and hope you all are having a good start to your holiday season!

- Angela S.

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