The pain of introduction emails stop with these tricks…

Tip of the week : Introduction Email Format

There is a ton of pressure to make that first impression stick. An email can build or destroy a potential relationship with poor grammar, terrible format, and easily forgotten subject lines. Here are five quick tips to help you on your way to mastering introduction emails.

3 Paragraph Formula : There is a strong and direct format to writing an introduction email. The 3 Paragraph Formula consists of “Them And Their Success”, “You And Your Wants”, and finally “Them And Their Future”. Each section represents a very entailed message leading to a specific conclusion.

Always do research on any person you are contacting. Figure out what they have accomplished in life. This information will be utilized in the first and third paragraphs. Place the information you find out in past and future bullet points with any emphases being place on the most valuable on top.

“Them and their success” section contains their accomplishments in life. Here is a chance to express your feelings on how their milestones have enlighten or moved you. Try and connect with their life and be honest with what you write. If at possible keep the “I” perspective out of this section.

“You and your wants” fill in the second paragraph, explaining your direct needs as clearly as possible. This is your chance to get out what you want to convey. Best to keep it to the point and no wondering around in colorful phrasing.

“Them and their future” is your chance to close out the email with a nice strong third paragraph filled with wishful hope for their next venture. How you begin and conclude an introduction email influences every chance of them responding.

Rule of thumb: Keep each paragraph between 3 and 4 sentences. If you cannot explain what you are trying to say within those parameters, then you might not understand the subject matter deeply enough or you could hire a Copywriter. A Copywriter is a person hired to write for those who cannot.

Say Something Unusual : Spark their interest with an unusually different but personal statement. You want the first sentence to stand out. Take control of your introduction email’s direction with personality. It can be as simple as an intro sentence with an interesting fact.

“Everyone begins somewhere, even Jerry Bruckheimer started his career with television commercials in Detroit and New York!”

Utilize the word “you” at least once : In marketing the use of the word “you” is as powerful as representing the experience of being involved in a company’s brand. Let them know they are the subject matter in your email. It is about them, so YOU should give them that feeling.

Explain how you got the email address : You are not spam and they need to know it. A person in a power position are prone to get random emails from people. In this situation you can actual change their perception of the email by standing out with a quick explanation.

“Your profile on IMDb had this particular email for people to reach out.”

Have a meaningful subject line : A subject line with meaning can be the difference between glazing over and going to the email below or actually giving it a look-see. Think it through and give the subject line a sense of topic within it. Leave those “ATTN: So and so” out and focus on more direct subjects.