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Pained Grins Ch. 1
It'd started...roughly, to say the least

She'd been incognito at an Overwatch event, out of a petulant, stubborn refusal to let her mother see her, and Lena had been there, being trotted around as the best and brightest of the new caste of heroes.

She'd been standing as close to Morrison as she could in some stupid, twisted idea of self-punishment, listening to him drone on and on about all the new recruits she wouldn't be joining, and so she'd been in perfect position to notice Lena skulking off.

And, like the good soldier she was, she'd followed.


Lena had always been good at avoiding attention. It was a skill she'd honed picking pockets and tagging cars, and whoever the woman was, she walked like a cop. 

And, if she was being honest, she wasn't sure if she cared.

The mood she was in, she'd gladly accept an attack, just to let loose a little.


Lena ducked down an alley, and Fareeha dashed after her...

And just barely ducked a supernaturally fast elbow.

She didn't dodge the knee, though.


Lena had always fought like a bag of pissed-off tomcats, flurries of strikes at all kinds of angles, and this wasn't any different.

She slammed her knee into the woman's stomach and went for a quick right hook...and she grabbed it, flipping her over a shoulder in a move that was stunningly familiar. 


Fareeha leapt onto her, grinning wider than she ever had and fully willing to start hammering punches into her face, but Lena just blinked up at her. 


She flinched back, and Lena rolled, pinning her down instead...but not throwing any punches. Yet.

"Yeah, that's right,I'd recognize that ink anywhere. What're you, one of her army buddies?"

Fareeha stayed silent, and Lena huffed.

"I can't believe this. She sent you to keep an eye on me, then? How dumb does she think I am?"

Lena glared off to the side for a moment, and she took the chance to roll her hips, sending the smaller girl off her and giving her the space to roll to her feet.

"My mother didn't send me." Fareeha said, falling back into her stance, and Lena grins.

"Oh? You're the kid, then. The one wantin to join up?"

Lena started circling, and Fareeha is grinning again.

She hadn't known how badly she needed a good fight. 

"Oh? A teenager is calling me a child?"

"Hey, I stopped being a teenager a month ago, you little ankle-biter."

Lena rushes in, and Fareeha turns a punch aside easily. 

Lena ducks under the cross she sends her way, and shoots her a grin.

Fareeha finds herself returning it, even as she dances away from a sweep.

Lena comes up with a wild haymarker, and she dodges back, lashing out with a quick kick to try and gain some distance...

But Lena disappears for a moment, and reappears inside her guard, forcing her backwards...

Straight into a wall.

Lena grins even wider and steps closer, and Fareeha feels her cheeks heat up.

"I win." She says, and then leans close.

Fareeha pulls her closer, and their lips touch.

It's like fire, right from the start, their hands are roaming and Lena's tongue is slipping into her mouth, and she is almost certain this is a horrible idea, and she doesn't care.

Lena finally pulls back, her face flushed and her lips slightly red, and Fareeha nearly growls.

Lena just gets redder."I, uuh, it's been fun, lov, but I should really get back, yknow?"

She nods. "You should. If you're gone too long, they might start looking for you."

"Ha, yeah..." 

Neither of them move, and their grins grow.

"On the other apartment is nearby." 

Lena grins.