Painting Buddha goes Patreon - FAQ Part 1
Hey everybody! I have received TONS of messages from you guys with regards to Patreon - how everything works, what I think of it and so on... 

Many of you have expressed interest in even starting their own Patreon channels - something I can only strongly encourage! 

In this first part of the FAQ I go into a lot of detail and show you also some 'back-end' footage of how things work in Patreon. The video is therefore pretty long (25 minutes), but I am sure some of you are interested in watching this. 

If you have any questions, you can contact me here, via email or on Facebook. 

In the meantime I found out even more stuff about Patreon and I'll probably do a few very short FAQ videos in the future. 

But now it's 3am (again) - and I'll head to bed!

Thank you all for your support - and please keep spreading the word - we are almost there!

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