Painting his Holiness
Here's a painting done around November 2015. This was me 1st video I time lapsed. It's a little longer than I tend to make them now, probably cus I was quite enthused by my new toy ( a GoPro, which fit snugly in any corner of my pokey little room).

I record these videos to show the whole process. I think artists of the last century did a good job of making art seem distant & inaccesible to the general public by cloaking it in mysticsm & vagarities ('a magician never tells his secret' kinda way..), well this is my lil way to bring it back, if just a simple inch.

I call this painting His Holiness aka the Fifer. I wanted to pay homage to Manet in both the style, and also to draw comparison between His Holiness & Manet's little fifer boy, marching forth & whistling for peace. 

Hope ya get what u can out of it. In this video you also get to see my painters hat with much fewer marks than it now has!!!!

Credits in order: His Holiness & Heinrich Harrer interviewed in 96; Mimang Langlu (song of the Tibetan Uprising), Serge Gainsbourg, Stones, Beatles. Also starrin' my friend Tenzin (who just happened to pop by) & Orinoco. 

Peace! Free Tibet!

His Holiness (the fifer) in oil 2015