Painting in progress- Ripples of consciousness...

Over the last couple of months, many of you would have seen me working hard on this painting that I took on as a personal project. The symbolism within the imagery of this painting details the journey of our collective conscious evolution, which I will fully explain in further depth once it is finally complete! She has taken me MUCH longer than I anticipated, (those crystals alone took me 20+ hours!) and alas it is still yet unfinished! But I have loved the process of its evolution, and in honouring each brush stroke with patience and presence, it has in fact taught me a lot through the intended concept and deepened my own understanding of the power we hold within our conscious expression.

I first started this painting at a truck stop behind the car park of Bunnings Warehouse in Townsville QLD- certainly not the most inspiring of places! But this idea simply HAD to come to life and wasn't going to wait any longer! Painted on a 2x2ft slab of MDF board that I scavenged from the Bunnings skip bin (Upcycling for the win!), It certainly isn't the easiest canvas to be travelling around with! 

I have been working away at this project along the last leg of my journey in Australia, and you may have seen it in progress in Airlie Beach, at Mushroom Valley festival, in Brisbane, and whilst out busking in Mullumbimby and Byron Bay! I have had a lot of amazing feedback, and a lot of interesting interpretations of its meaning!

Unfortunately I ran out of time to have her completed whilst in Australia- you simply can't rush these things! And I'm sad to say that I ran out money to bring her back home to New Zealand with me! Though you can rest assured that she is currently in safe care with a dear friend.

So, one of the first things that I wish to save up for through Patreon is to pay to have this painting sent home to me so I can keep working towards finally having her finished! Once she is finally complete, I have a dream of creating some high quality prints with full blown metallic shimmer! The pictures simply don't do justice to the gold, copper and silver shine that pops throughout the mandala.

Meanwhile, I will be taking on new art projects that revolve around similar concepts that shall no doubt grow and evolve as I dive deeper into the rabbit hole of conscious expression of imagination!

So watch this space for further updates cause it's about to get a lot more interesting!

Signing out for now,
Gypsy Pixie