The paints I use!
Hi everyone, I'm not sure if we have been through this but here are my paints, I know messy, but I now where each one is! LOL
These are Winsor & Newton Artist quality half pan paints with a few Winsor & Newton Cotmans thrown into the mix.
Each one works well, with the artist paints being a little more vibrant and lasting much longer than the student quality, this is due to the increased pigments.

As you see in my videos I do occasionally use tubed paints as well, but these are mostly for the backgrounds and only to prevent lots of mixing. So you can still do this with half pans, it just takes longer to make up enough colour in your mixing palette.

When starting out with watercolours you really don't need that many colours. My advice would be to start with a well know student grade paint which gives you great colours. With the less expensive versions (but a good name) you don't mind playing and perhaps wasting some! :-)
Colours such as indigo blue, intense blue, Gamboge, opera rose, scarlet lake, olive green and raw umber are not desperately needed. As I do say in some of my videos (when I remember), use what you have or something similar, it doesn't have to be exact (animals and birds vary). You can always add to your paints as you go along.

I do intend on putting together a short lesson on what all the gobbledygook means for transparent, semi-transparent,  opaques, pigments, hue paints, permanency and lightfastness soon for you!

Oh nearly forgot, the colour chart at the bottom of my paints is just something I put together on some scrap watercolour paper then sellotaped over ..............I keep forgetting the names!

Ask me any questions you would like (on topic of course) and I will do my best to answer them for you.
Keep those brushes wet,
Paul :-)