Pairanormal AMA answers!
hey folks! Yesterday I streamed some art and answered questions from folks on the Geek Remix server. Since the stream was not recorded, I wanted to write an abridged version of the answers to the questions I got, as well as post the art that I made during the stream.

Q:  What has been your favorite part (or parts!) so far of creating the dating sim? 

A: The art is by far the most fun! I have been challenging myself with the visual novel backgrounds, and the characters have been easy and enjoyable to make

Q: Which characters did you have the easiest and hardest time designing?

A: Mari and Stacy were definitely the easiest, as I know them and their personalities better, and I have met them in person. Minx was probably the biggest challenge, since of all the YouTube characters, she had the least references available of her appearance. But recently I've gotten to know her better. I should note that all dateable characters were consulted as to what their in-game personas looked like, and I didn't publish the images until they'd okayed it!

Q: Which dating option would you be most interested in if you were playing the game? 

A: Hard to say, since I'm writing all of them! 

Q: what are your favorite dating sims? did you use any as inspiration for this game? 

The games I'm using as an inspiration--gameplay only, of course!--are "Cute Demon Crashers" and "Coming Out On Top" which are more about getting to know a character and developing a relationship with them, rather than "say the right thing" and "buy a character's affection" based mechanics popularized in many other dating sims.

Q: Do you get a positive outcome with any character you choose to date regardless what you say to them? 

I would say, yes, you will always get a positive outcome, but not always necessarily a romantic outcome. In most dating sims, negative outcomes are a punishment to players who say the wrong things, but since all dateable characters in this game have real-life counterparts, it also doubles as a way for players to roleplay harassment. I don't want to enable that.

Q: Will characters only be romanceable based on their real life sexualities?

A: The player character is a gender neutral individual, or at least, their gender is never specified in the game. As such, its easier to any player self-insert, and its possible for all dateable characters to "stay true" to their sexualities. I hate to admit it, but this is done purely because it saves me a lot of time and work. 

Q: does the game already have a fully fleshed out storyline/s  or is that still being built upon? 

Yep! I wrote the outline for the whole story in a single night.

Q: What do you have planned for music?

A: Nothing right now. I'm asking some people I have in mind for some quotes to put their music in the game, but its not set in stone at the moment!

Q:  Is the game going to be free? 

A: Best answer for this right now is: probably not. The truth is we don't actually know how the release would be monetized, if it will be at all. But if it turns out that everyone wants to later on, I don't want to promise anyone anything that we can't do. I will say this, however: Anyone who backs the game's development on our Patreon WILL receive a copy at no extra cost.

That's all folks! I've gotten much better at streaming, so if you missed this one, stay tuned for more!