Pairanormal v1.2 is here!
 Haha remember when I said I was going to take a two day break? I DIDN'T! And if one more person tells me to take care of my health I'm literally going to burst into flame.

Anyway click the header above to be redirected to the game's page, or just click here.

The recording bug, and several other bugs have been fixed--the game is now recordable. please play the game, stream it, share it, and get the good word out. Let's keep this ball rolling!

Bugs we've fixed since v1.1

  • There's now an SDL version of the game. If the AL version wasn't working for you, this SDL version may clear up a lot of issues you were having, INCLUDING recording! That's right! you should be able to record the game now!
  • Flashing Images toggle in settings now works. If the glitch effect is too strong for you, you should now be able to turn it off in the game's settings.
  • Some new items are now available in investigate mode: you can now "inspect" people in the room during an investigation, and talk to characters in the room about someone else who is nearby.
  • Many game-breaking interactions have been fixed: some choices in investigation mode and the story would break the game, including showing Bret Mari's pills, looking at certain objects in investigation mode, and reading with Todd. They shouldn't cause you much trouble anymore!
  • A handful of grammatical errors have been fixed: Special thanks to Leo for suggesting french corrections to us, and all others for your grammatical spots. We were able to correct several thanks to your feedback!