Panda at BLFC!!
 If am I going to BLFC? Many are asking me. Of course I'll be there!

I've been doing an itinerary of all the things I have to do and... ooff, there are many, but I'm very excited about next weekend, SO MUCH!!!! BLFC is one of my favorite furry cons, maybe it is my favorite (but when I go to MFF, then I say the same, so..I don't know, I love both!!) so it's definitive that I can't miss this great event year after year.

First of all, a very big apology if I've been absent these last weeks, I haven't been at home, being everywhere and without much internet access, but after the convention I hope to return to work as normal.

I've been living many adventures, so when I return from BLFC to home, I'll have to do one of my classic super long journals telling everything I lived. Before, I thought that those big journals were only wrote for me and nobody read them, but now I have known that there are many who read them and also enjoy them, thank you!

So here are some of the many activities I'll do during BLFC:

Mexican Panel

This year we'll have a panel, which will be unique, it won't be repeated at any other convention, so you CAN'T miss it.
Majira Strawberry, Fox Amoore, Dixie Lioness, Ed Puma, Kurtt Amarok and I will tell you about our experiences about the roadtrip we made in Mexico.
It will be Saturday, May 12th at 11 pm (PDT)
The panel will be for charity, and will also be broadcast on Internet, for all those who are not going to BLFC, so you won't have an excuse to miss it (I still don't know where it will be broadcast from, but follow the BLFC networks and sure they will publish it, or follow the telegram channels of both Majira and mine:

BLFC channel:
Majira Channel:
My telegram channel:

Artists Alley (or Bazaar)

Again I'll be at the Bazaar (or Artist's alley), this year at table B12, only on Friday, from 12pm to 6pm.
I will only have 4 slots to do during the con, plus another 9 for take-home, which, from now on I announce, take-home commissions taken at BLFC will take a little longer than normal, probably until June when I start working on those 9 drawings, because I still have to do some that I took at TFF, and I hadn't had time to work on them (after BLFC I'll be a bit more "free", that is, more time to work on everything I have pending).

So as usual, I have prepared some points for you if you are interested in a commission from me at BLFC, to consider this:

►Be one of the first to arrive when they just open doors, they always make a line about 30 minutes before they open. The commission slots fly, sometimes even before 20 minutes of doors opening (find out on my telegram channel, there I announce if there are still slots available or if they have already been filled)

►The commissions are only during the convention, and only during the artists alley, not before or after. Remember that there will be only 4 people that will take their drawings home that day, and another 9 that will wait a few weeks for their drawings to be ready.

►Be thinking about a good idea that I can work for you, if you don't have one, you can leave it up to me n__n I don't have a problem suggesting ideas (TBH I like that)

►Have prepared your reference sheet (any reference of your character works for me, no matter if it's not properly a ref sheet), PREFERABLY PRINTED !! If you can't print it, you can have it ready saved on your phone and I'll take a picture to your screen. Don't trust the internet of the convention center, so do not try to find your reference on FA at the moment. That almost never works.

Fursuit Festival

I will be at many moments of the convention in fursuit. But if you want to know of a place, an hour, and a point that you want to find me in fursuit for sure to receive a big hug from a panda, I'll be in the Fursuit Festival.

On Friday from 7pm to 9pm, it will be a long day in fursuit, since before the end of the festival, we will have already started:

Viernes Furry

Yes, for those who speak Spanish and see us from the internet every week, there will be a live broadcast from BLFC by Koidel and me. For those who will be at BLFC, it doen't matter if you don't speak Spanish, if you find us recording with some selfie sticks, don't hesitate to come to us and say hello to all the guys from Latin America who see us live. The program is broadcast every week from 10 to 12 at night (CST) on the youtube channel:
But as in Reno, Nevada, we will be at Pacific time, if you are at the convention, you can find us recording from 8 to 10 pm (PDT)

It will also be a special broadcast because it will be the first anniversary of our podcast.


If you're a BLFC assistant, don't miss the Croc O'Dile dance set called Audiodile, Friday at 10 pm at the dance floor, right when we finish our broadcast. For all those who enjoy retro music and cool mixes. I promise you will put your tails to move.

So as you can see, Friday will be the busiest day for this panda, on Saturday I already have everything full of plans for the whole day, but in truth, if you see me wandering around the convention, either in fursuit or without it, Don't hesitate to come to me and give me a very tight hug, I promise I don't bite, and I always try to be friendly. Let's keep that attitude, don't be a creepy and always act with common sense, remember furry cons are friendly events to forget the daily life for a moment and live this utopic little world surrounded by friends and cute characters.

See you there !! I can not wait !!!

* hugs everyone *