So I wasn't going to post anything else from my comic but seeing the progress was just too cool for this one! This is base-vs-final for one of my panels of the comic I've been working on. I've made a ton of advancement in it and have inked a lot and started coloring here and there. A couple of pages are done and a couple of the huge major panels are done too! This is of my OC baby Theodore "Thunder" Dydd

I won't be releasing the comic for public view until it's 100% done though so if you're interested in reading it as I update it, you can find it on my $5 tier). Recently I had a close family member pass away (a couple of days ago actually), right after emptying my account paying off my car so I'm hurting pretty hard emotionally and financially so anybody that decides to support me on there will be so greatly appreciated. I'm debating taking another semester off of school since my household is hurting bad right now.