Pantheon City - Intro part 3

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   Some decided to go for the easier route, and chose a building near the edges of the city; others, mostly out of curiosity for this "events", decided to explore the city a bit more, and chose a building near the center. Some people noticed some other features of the city that weren't noticed at a first glance, such as the roof of the buildings being covered in the green from leaves. It seemed they were used to grow all the food. They also noticed quite a lot of city parks, some of which had sculptures of gods decorating them. It took half a day for the entire crowd to enter the city, get a room and organize their belongings. As the night fell, they found yet another stunning view as they realized these glass lines along the buildings where not simple decoration; as soon as the sunlight faded, they started to glow in changing colors, illuminating the city in a dazzling fashion.

   Inside of each room, the first thing people saw was a screen that rested against the wall, with a menu; though they found it strange, soon, they realized this menu allowed them to set up the room as they liked. Place a bed here, a table there, chairs around, maybe a fish tank or a birdcage; whatever they wanted to have, wherever they wanted it, they could choose to have it in this room. They could even choose to have a shared, larger room with one of their neighbors. As they finished their arrangements, these objects would seem to pop into existence where they needed to, like an act of magic. This too was one of the inventions of Kuromo; teleportation. Although it couldn't be used for living beings safely, it was capable of transporting objects of any size, to any part of the universe within a certain range, which was nonetheless long enough to instantly take an object from one side of the planet to the other. Once again, the principles behind this technology were a complete mystery to the world at large, but because Kuromo himself made sure to make it available to everyone, all the complaints against him where silenced by his supporters.

   As people finally settled down, the screen in every room turned on at once. After a brief moment of static, a recording was displayed on the screen. In this recording, around a hundred uniformed officers appeared, with five people at the front, who looked at the camera in a dignified manner. Out of them, one was the well-known creator of Pantheon city, Tomogashi Kuromo. He tried to start the speech: “Welcome to- erm, sorry, that's not, uh...", but he had apparently lost his notes, and struggled to look for them while maintaining a good image. Most of the audience laughed at this, and some of the officers snickered at this too, including a young, strange looking lady at the front. Only one of the officers seemed to be annoyed at this man's clumsiness: A white haired man at the front, who quickly walked to the front and rudely took the microphone away from Kuromo, while telling him something the audience could only assume were insults and orders.

   Who was this man, who would push his own boss aside and curse at him? And why does he look so strange? The audience wondered, as this man looked at the notes he took from Kuromo and prepared to give the speech himself. This was a very strange looking man: white hair, skin as pale as paper, and the strangest of things, his eyes had yellow irises. His hair didn’t seem to be due to age, either, as he otherwise appeared to be around twenty years old. He was somewhat short, not skinny nor bulky, and seemed to have quite an unpleasant personality, judging from his actions. After a moment, he raised his eyes and looked directly at the camera with a serious expression. A lot of the audience felt a cold sweat, as if it was a doll that stared at them; something that appeared to be human, and yet wasn't. "Once again, we welcome you all to Pantheon city."