Pantheon City - Intro part 4
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   His voice, in contrast to Kuromo's that was gentle and nervous, occasionally trembling, was instead firm and somewhat imposing. It was like comparing a saint with a dictator; while he didn't seem to look down on anyone, there was something in the way he spoke each word that gave a feeling of inferiority to those who listened. After reading once again the contents of the notes he took from Kuromo, he looked at him with some disdain and threw them away. "While we won't be pointing fingers at any one of you, you should realize that in a city with so many inhabitants, and given the low standards for the people selected, crimes will happen here in Pantheon city. To suppose otherwise would be idiotic. However, we are here to solve this problem." As he said this, he moved aside to point at the officers behind him. "We're Pantheon city's police force. Our job is to keep you all safe, and thus, we will be living with you in the city for the duration of this experiment. We hope we can get along during this time.”

   At this point, Kuromo walked up to this man and said something to his ear. His face revealed a bit of annoyance, before he continued: "Because we four are the chiefs of the police force, and the best people to go to when some major problems arise, it's only proper that we present ourselves. I'm Tomogashi Koujiro, chief of the north division, and while you’re all welcome to come look for me whenever you need me, I’d rather not be bothered with petty problems, thank you very much.” When people heard his name, they quickly realized something. Though his complexion couldn't be more different, his body shape, especially his face, was pretty similar to Kuromo's. This bossy man who dared mistreat his 'boss', was apparently, Kuromo's own son! This was quite surprising, especially for those who knew about Mr. Tomogashi. He had never revealed to have a wife, much less children, and yet not only did he have one, he was even already an adult. Wasn’t he too young to already have an adult son?

   He then started to walk towards one of the chiefs behind him; a man with an amiable expression, who was a bit taller than him, with white skin, blue eyes, and blond, somewhat long hair that didn't quite reach his shoulders. "Next, we have the chief of the east division, Benjamin Wildner." He said, as he passed the microphone to this man. He smiled at him before adding: "Thank you, Koujiro. Hello everyone, as my friend here just said, my name is Benjamin. You can call me Ben though... In fact, you definitely should. I'll be hanging ar- Hey!" but before he could finish, the mic got taken off his hands by Koujiro, as his rebuke was barely heard by the audience: "We don't have time for you to chat with them, Ben". At this, Ben could only look dejected and grumble. Koujiro shifted his gaze towards the camera, and walked towards the next chief as he said: "Then, we have the chief of the south division, Anya Art...Arte..." He tried to pronounce her name, but was unable to. "Artemis?" he said, doubting, before giving her the mic. She didn’t even bother to correct him, or look in his direction, instead directly taking the microphone from his hands, and causing him to frown, unsatisfied.

   This was a somewhat pale woman, though it was hard to notice when compared to Koujiro, with black hair, rosy lips, and brown eyes, who was quite voluptuous, with a beautiful, albeit cold, face. She seemed like a goddess, more than a human. The moment the camera focused on her, the audience's attention measurably raised, especially for the male observers. She spoke with an indifferent tone that was, nonetheless, very alluring: "Anya Artemievna Reznikova, pleased to meet you all.” Contrary to Benjamin, she quickly gave the mic back to Koujiro, with no intention to continue speaking. Unknowingly, she had already caused tons of both jealousy and admiration. Koujiro looked at her, somewhat annoyed, before he continued to walk, ignoring Kuromo who he passed by and reaching the final chief. When he spoke about this one, his voice was suddenly much softer, like a father talking about his son, surprising those who were paying close attention. But they were even more surprised by this person's appearance, and the content of Koujiro's presentation: "Finally, we have the chief of the west division, Tomogashi Kaede. And yes, it doesn’t take a genius to guess this is my sister."

   'Sister'? So, Kuromo didn't just have one adult son, but two? Just how old is he, exactly? And moreover, this daughter of his seemed to have the exact same… ‘Disease’ as his brother: her skin, hair and eyes were all the same color as Koujiro's. She was slightly shorter than him, had a much more slender figure, and her expression, while somewhat serious, made it clear that she was nowhere near as unpleasant and domineering as his brother. She too noticed how his tone changed when speaking about her, which caused her to giggle a little. Before he could walk away, she took the mic from him and told him: “Was there any need for you to make my presentation for me? I’m not that young, you know.” To this, he could only look the other way, pretending not to hear her while thinking of a good explanation. Kuromo, from the side, gave them both a stern look while seemingly reproaching their behavior. The scene was somewhat heartwarming to the audience, but also very amusing.  Especially to Kaede herself.

   Paying no mind to both his father and his brother, she continued: "My name's Tomogashi Kaede, I hope we can get along well. Don't mind my brother, he's all bark and no bite.” Because she reacted swiftly and covered the mic, the audience couldn't tell if Koujiro cursed or reproached this, but he was clearly angered. Finally, Kuromo took back the microphone. He seemed to have read the notes as Koujiro spoke, because this time he knew what to say: "We would present all the officers, but that would take longer than the time we’ve got. Don't worry, you will get to know them with time as they will usually be patrolling the streets. For now, this is all. Hope you all enjoy your stay. Ah, wait, we didn't talk about-" But he was interrupted by Koujiro, who said: "That can wait." As he approached the camera, startling some of the officers and apparently the camera-man, before the camera was turned off.