Pantheon City - Chapter 4

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   As the conversation progressed, the pub started to fill with chatter once again. Most people ignored Koujiro and his friend, while others remained curious or vigilant, either because they'd never seen him personally, or because of previous experience. "Okay, that's enough. No reason to talk about that right now, is there?" He finally said, causing Bradley to smile wryly, though he didn't say anything. "Now, about that offer I made..." Koujiro said, looking at him, expectantly. "They said they would consider it; all they need is your curriculum. However, are you sure Mr. Tomogashi will let you go? I mean, he kept you a secret for so many years, so suddenly letting you go would be somewhat weird..." Brad answered. "My old man? Who cares if he doesn't want me to go? In any case, I’ll just have to keep my mouth shut about some things." He answered, before finishing his drink.

   They continued to chat for more than half an hour. And they would have continued further, if they weren’t interrupted by certain person. This was a short guy, probably in his early teens, with red curly hair and a face full of freckles. He slowly walked closer to Koujiro and Brad, who didn't seem to notice him, and before he even said anything, he looked back at his friends, who encouraged him to keep going. Clearly, he had lost a bet. A cold sweat covered him as he weakly said: "E... Excuse me, sir?” Although he feared that he hadn't been heard, suddenly, he noticed that Koujiro gazed at him from the corner of his eye. "You're talking to me?" He said, without even turning his head. The kid was scared out of his wits, and nervously answered "No! I mean, yes! Yes!”.

   Koujiro looked at him silently for a bit, causing the kid to shiver, before he sighed. Turning around to face the kid, he said in the most diplomatic tone he could: "Okay. What do you want?". His face was completely indifferent, and it only made him more nervous. "Erm... M-My friends and I, we would like to know... w-what's are you going to announce today? I-if you can tell us..." The kid answered, while internally, he cursed at his friends in every way he knew. Koujiro's expression changed, and he stood up, scaring the kid so much that he fell on his butt trying to run towards his table. Koujiro noticed this, and raised a brow at him, before saying "If you and your friends want to know, you better go get a place at the park right about now. There's only half an hour before it starts, and when the whole city reunites it gets really hard to get a good place. You’ll know what’s the reason soon enough.” Then, he turned to Brad and with a gesture, they both walked out of the pub, leaving the kid in the floor, still scared out of his mind, and his friends laughing at him.