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Paper Bats
Halloweeeeeen is coming! I mean, in a few weeks, but weeks have been going by absurdly quickly lately. Also decorations are allowed to be up at least a couple weeks in advance. Also anything that prevents people from the horrifying sacrilege of putting up CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS BEFORE DECEMBER 1ST is a good thing. Ahem. In case you wondered about my feelings on this important matter. This is the perfect project for doing a little decorating without breaking the bank or sinking yourself into a time-consuming Martha Stewart level project, because who even HAS that kind of time? And also her instructions are way skimpy, so no wonder no one else's stuff ever comes out looking quite as good as hers. Just saying. So, make some paper bats! Swarms of bats! It's easy and they are charmingly creepy! This post also contains a couple of announcements, including what October's Patreon plushie giveaway will be.