Paper Bats
Halloweeeeeen is coming! I mean, in a few weeks, but weeks have been going by absurdly quickly lately. Also decorations are allowed to be up at least a couple weeks in advance. Also anything that prevents people from the horrifying sacrilege of putting up CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS BEFORE DECEMBER 1ST is a good thing. Ahem. In case you wondered about my feelings on this important matter. This is the perfect project for doing a little decorating without breaking the bank or sinking yourself into a time-consuming Martha Stewart level project, because who even HAS that kind of time? And also her instructions are way skimpy, so no wonder no one else's stuff ever comes out looking quite as good as hers. Just saying. So, make some paper bats! Swarms of bats! It's easy and they are charmingly creepy! This post also contains a couple of announcements, including what October's Patreon plushie giveaway will be.
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Access to Patrons-only updates and bonus content. This may include behind-the-scenes pictures of projects (you may get to see what a horrible mess my craft space ACTUALLY is, which I carefully hide in my tutorial photos), some of my project fails and mistakes (not that those EVER happen, oh no), possible teasers for upcoming projects, and anything else interesting that I think of to share.

There will also be the occasional bonus tutorial, only available to Patrons at this level and above.
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Once a month (starting in April) I will host a Google hangout where you can ask me crafting questions, as well as meet and chat with other craft-minded patrons to share ideas, frustrations and inspiration, and ask questions or get help with a particular project. I may even sometimes be able to bring in a crafting pal of mine with expertise in a particular area (costume making, knitting, lasers, etc.) to chat and answer your questions as well. I might even live-craft during the hangout, so you can see me picking out stitches in real time. We can all pick out stitches together! Whee!

I'll try to vary the days and times of the hangouts a little each month, to accommodate people's different work schedules and time zones.

Includes all previous reward levels.
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Each month, I will make a one-of-a-kind plushie (probably some cute little imaginary creature / monster type thing). At the end of the month, I'll draw a name from all Patrons at this and higher reward levels, and the winner will receive that month's unique plushie.

This is an opportunity for me to use random materials, try out new construction methods and ideas, make something crazy & imaginative, and a chance for you to own a very special adorable piece of plush fun.

Includes all previous reward levels.
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Each month, I will design and create a new handmade greeting card, and make multiples of it. Each Patron at this reward level will be sent one of those cards, blank, so that they can write in it and send it to whomever they like. This is my way of facilitating more unique handmade snail mail! The cards' themes will vary - they may be Happy Birthday cards, seasonal cards, holiday cards, or just general any-occasion greeting cards. Some of the cards may be featured in tutorials, but this way you'll be sure to get one even if you don't have time to DIY that week.

Includes all previous reward levels.
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