Paper Cup - Timepiece
A couple years ago, I started having some back issues and needed to take some time from working full time as a graphic designer and gaming. That time really let me connect back to my art in a way that I honestly felt like I was neglecting for a few years while using commercial design as my creative outlet. Creativity is a powder keg of emotion, and needs to be constantly kept in check.

Art was really serving a dual purpose for as a mental rehabilitation, but as physically. While in between jobs recovering, it was my art that was a constant source of motivation to get better. It made me rise. It made me move. It brought me back to the world. I thought I was pretty done at a few points. Love and art.

My friend and teacher said to me during this time, emphatically, "Dude, you're not selling brooms. It's fucking art! People love that shit, get it out there." Getting my art out there really started opening doors for me once it was out there.

I found the cup lid on an early walk. It was cold. I usually walk around and pick up trash. It's a habit from my dad to keep an eye out for tools on the side of the road. It was almost a game when we were driving around when I was young. We would be coming back from the Berlin Mart and spot a wrench in the side of the road, stop quickly, and run out to get it. He would come home after running and have a golf ball or so and a socket he found to complete a set. I always admired that. He's the kind of guy that will fix anything just for a challenge. He's not afraid to open something up and go, "Well I think this thing is what does thing..."

When I saw the lid one morning on my neighbors sidewalk it needed to be a timepiece. A couple big projects before then were just finished, and I thought this would make a cool "sketch". Almost like a gestural drawing of a model timepiece. The paper had been toned with tea and coffee before then to use digitally as texture and it made sweet notepaper :)

I'm really happy how well this has held together. The paper was glued together and when dry, I coated it a handful of times with a matte fixative until it had some nice rigidity without being over-glossed. Some of the coffee grounds and tea bits are still around too. That very bottom left bit of paper is a kind of a game I'm playing with myself. My sister would say, "You're why we don't have nice things.", as lovingly as that statement can be shared, I'm sure. So, that corner of paper is a challenge to see how long I can keep it there with just a few layers of matte fixative and shear desire for its safety. It's now been in a few shows and a couple different locales in the house, and is still hanging in there. Wish me luck.