Parachute Mail tier + other tier changes
I've released a new and improved $30 tier.  This tier resonates with some changes to my Patreon and my approach to art time. Mainly that commissions are now going to be more limited access (and I'm doing less of them). I'd also like to continue to make my Patreon more mail based, since I make marker pieces it's nice to send them off. Furthermore, as some of you know I have decided to try to focus more time on personal art (which is part of the reason I am taking less commissions). 

With that in mind here are the changes:

First dibs on commission slots are now limited to $10+ patrons. You guys will know first when I have an open slot.

New $30 tier details:

  • + 30% off commissions OR Etsy goodies (only usable on 1 commission or Etsy order per month). You'll get an Etsy coupon code each month but this can also be used on Patreon early access to Etsy goodies.
  • + Get exclusive first dibs on commission slots.
  • + Get monthly PARACHUTE MAIL! Shipping of Parachute Mail included with this tier (international or domestic). Each month get:
    • Each month claim 1 detailed colored sketch (9in x 12in piece). Multiple detailed colored sketches will be completed each month, with this tier you get to claim 1 to include with your mail. Sketches could range from critter or chibi drawings to full body drawings. 
    • 1 hand drawn post card or folding card from Kadoodles, with a note!
    • 1 charm/key chain or other crafty artsy things
    • 1 sticker
    • 1 print
    • Something special for major holiday months.